I’m Raddy, a UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer based in Worcester, UK.

(People say I am crazy but who wants to be normal anyway?!)

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HTML5 • CSS3 • WordPress • PHP • Joomla • ModX

I’ve designed all sort of projects for all sort of clients, and my main goal has being to create relevant, functional and efficient websites that sell, market and promote. To achieve this I typically design in Photoshop and develop in-browser with hand-coded HTML and CSS. In this type of work every single detail matters – typography, images, proportions, colours, structure, content… All details should be synchronised to build quality UI & UX.

I have good experience with working with clients and I believe that one of my strongest points is that I always put myself in my client’s shoes, but also in the shoes of the end user.

Creating hand coded websites is my passion and I always work towards perfection, giving that extra care. I believe that giving that extra care does make a difference.

“Make the back of the fence look as beautiful as the front. Even though others won’t see it, you will know it’s there, and that will make you more proud of your design.” – Steve Jobs

  • Dublin Declaration

    The Dublin Declaration on Maternal Health was written and signed by a select panel of the Committee on Excellence in Maternal Healthcare.

    Dublin Declaration
  • I.S.M.H

    This Committee is a group of physicians and other health care providers who are committed to achieving excellence in healthcare for mothers and babies.

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    Life House Ireland is an American, tax-exempt organization formed by people who have lived and worked in Ireland for many years. Observing the Irish...

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  • We Make Logos

    We Make Logos is a professional logo design company that has been formed Winter 2011 based in Worcester, England, UK. They offer professional logo...



Radoslav Angelov

(Hacking 24/7)

Hi! I’m Raddy, a UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer based in Worcester, UK. Since I was young, web design has been a very dominating prospect in my life. I love web design, programming, art, but mostly learning and trying new things. Infact I’ve become addicted to my work and technology overall. I finished studying at Worcester University (Web Development BSc) and I am currently working full time for a small Web Design company based in Worcester, UK while doing Freelance work in my free time.

I love challenging myself as both designer and developer; it is my hobby and I am very lucky to be paid to do something that I love with passion.

I am very fortunate to work with very talanted people that inspire me and also help me to become better web developer. My next goal in my IT career is to start developing Hybrid mobile applications and improve my back-end programming skills.

If you're interested at discussing projects and you like my work, feel free to contact me.


Wordpress 80%
HTML5 95%
CSS3 85%
JQuery 45%
PHP & MySQL 50%

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